Collection: Westside Discs

Westside Discs, founded in 2003, was originally a Finnish company importing and selling several disc brands on the Finnish market. In 2009, they began working on their own line of discs in cooperation with Latitude 64 and have since then expanded the number of popular molds with each year. Keeping in touch with its roots, the Westside graphics picture themes and characters from the Finnish national epic Kalevala.

Now molded by Latitude 64, Westside Discs and Dynamic Discs exist under the same roof and, in turn, share many of the same elements. As such, Westside Discs and Dynamic Discs deliver similar quality and construction while retaining our respective designs, colors, and naming. For Westside Discs, its long-time bestsellers have included the Harp, Sword, Underworld, Hatchet, and Warship models.