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DGA Blowfly 2 Signature Line

DGA Blowfly 2 Signature Line

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Flight Numbers: 2 | 2 | 0 | 2 
Stability: Overstable

The Signature Line Blowfly 2 has a more beveled edge than the Blowfly 1, and is designed to fly with a tad more speed. Because of that, this disc is referred to as more of an approach disc than putter, but still works well for both purposes!

DGA Signature Line plastic is known for its one of a kind rubber like blend and exceptional plastic memory. DGA Signature Line discs are mostly for putt and approach purposes but fly excellent off the tee as well. It is safe to say you will not find another line of discs out there with the same feel, flexibility, and catchability.

  • Unique DGA Flexible Rubbery Plastic
  • Ideal For Safety In Schools
  • Ideal For Approach Shots In Rocky Terrain Or Fast Greens
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