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DGA First Flight Avalanche - ProLine

DGA First Flight Avalanche - ProLine

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Flight Numbers: 9| 3 | 0 | 4
Stability: Overstable

The Avalanche is the newest fairway driver added to the DGA lineup. This flat-topped overstable mold is designed to resist high-speed turn and provide players with reliable fade with each throw. This disc features a thin, low-profile rim that offers a comfortable grip for both backhand and forehand throwers. With its predictable flight and versatile capabilities, the Avalanche is an excellent addition to any player’s disc golf bag. Buy yours now before the First Flight run with limited edition artwork by John Dorn are all gone!

    DGA ProLine plastic is one of two premium plastic blends from DGA. ProLine plastic is tough, tacky, and has incredible performance. The ProLine plastic blend features increased marbling, pearling, and overall aesthetic appeal. This blend is recommended for players that are looking for increased grip and durability, balanced with high performance flight qualities. ProLine plastic will take less time to beat in and will reach its intended flight characteristics faster than the DGA SP Line blend.

    • Top End Premium Blend
    • Fastest Plastic Blend
    • Stable Flight Characteristics


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