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DGA Swirl Vortex - Gallactically Parked DGPT

DGA Swirl Vortex - Gallactically Parked DGPT

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Flight Numbers: 7 | 6 | -3 | 1
Stability: Overstable

"Galactically Parked" is the latest breathtaking addition to our Nationally Parked Series, designed by the talented artists at Park St. Studio. Prepare to embark on an out-of-this-world journey that seamlessly blends the excitement of disc golf with the wonders of the cosmos.  The Galactically Parked stamp is not just a celebration of the beloved sport of disc golf but also a tribute to the wonders of the universe. Whether you're an avid disc golfer looking for a unique memento of your favorite sport or an art collector drawn to the allure of the cosmos, this design is a must-have addition to your collection.

The DGA Vortex is a speed 7 fairway driver designed in collaboration with 2X World Champion DGA Team Member Catrina Allen. The Vortex is easy to control, with great glide and a fair amount of turn. It will be a great choice for newer players and skilled veterans alike. The stock ProLine Vortex will now feature this new stunning swirly blend which makes each one super unique!

    DGA ProLine plastic is one of two premium plastic blends from DGA. ProLine plastic is tough, tacky, and has incredible performance. The ProLine plastic blend features increased marbling, pearling, and overall aesthetic appeal. This blend is recommended for players that are looking for increased grip and durability, balanced with high performance flight qualities. ProLine plastic will take less time to beat in and will reach its intended flight characteristics faster than the DGA SP Line blend.

    • Top End Premium Blend
    • Fastest Plastic Blend
    • Stable Flight Characteristics


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