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SkyGod 4 - Factory Second

SkyGod 4 - Factory Second

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Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

The Sky God 4 is a true, stable throwing putter that will surprise you with the amount of glide it retains in the flight. This disc will fly straight with a reliable fade when thrown for short approaches or long drives.

The Sky God 4 makes for a great throwing putter due to the stable flight and durable C-Line plastic. This plastic will retain its form and flight characteristics for a very long time.

This disc is a Simon Lizotte Signature Series disc, and by purchasing this disc you would have been directly supporting Simon Lizotte on tour. But he's moved to MVP and we're devastated about that! Keep an eye out for the Sky God V in 2034 when Simon returns to Discmania. Hopefully. But we wish him all the best throughout the next 10 years nevertheless.

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