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Streamline Lift - Eclipse Glow

Streamline Lift - Eclipse Glow

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Flight Numbers: 9 | 5 | -2 | 1.5 
Stability: Understable

The Lift is Streamline’s understable distance driver, designed as a straight flying driver with a comfortable rim size and slightly domed profile. It is the second disc along with the Flare in the 19mm Speed 9 Driver Class for Streamline. In Streamline Neutron Plastic the Lift has premium grip and durability, along with a huge variety of Neutron and Cosmic Neutron color options. For controllable flight lines with effortless glide, activate Bernoulli’s principle with the Streamline Neutron, Proton and Cosmic Neutron Lift!

    Eclipse Plastic:
    Glow core 2.0 ultra-bright
    Alternate flight to premium plastics
    Designed for visibility day or night
    High durability for a long consistent life

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