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Trash Panda

Trash Panda 100% Recycled Mini

Trash Panda 100% Recycled Mini

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Trash Panda's minis are made from 100% recycled plastic! Always.

They strive to make the highest quality minis on the market with care for our customers and our planet.

Since minis don’t have specific performance needs (i.e., flexibility and durability), we believe that minis should never be made with virgin plastic. Currently, we make our minis out of 100% recycled polypropylene - like takeout containers, pill bottles, etc.

You’ll notice two things on the bottom of their minis: 1) the date they are made is stamped on the bottom and 2) they are stamped with their plastic type making each mini 100% recyclable.

Every purchase not only supports Trash Panda directly, but also invests in the future growth of the sport sustainably! 

About Trash Panda

Trash Panda was born with one goal in mind: to grow the sport sustainably.

From their humble garage beginning, we set out with a lofty goal in mind. After 2+ years of R&D and a catalog of YouTube videos chronicling their process, they accomplished that goal in November ‘22 by releasing the world’s first disc made from 100% recycled plastic: The Inner Core.

Now - after growing a community on Youtube, partnering with some of the raddest brands in our sport, and bringing recycled discs to the world - they can confidently say: this is only the beginning!

Join the movement and help us grow the sport we love sustainably:

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