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Trash Panda

Trash Panda Ozone

Trash Panda Ozone

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Flight Numbers: 8 | 6 | -3 | 1


The Ozone is a flippy fairway driver designed for the fun line.

Whether it's the satisfyingly straight shot or the all-too-ridiculous-sky-anny, remember simply to enjoy it.

From Trash Panda's site:
'In 1985, a scientist named Jon Shanklin discovered a problem:
There was a massive hole in the ozone layer - the invisible shield that protects us from the sun’s powerful UV rays.
Without that invisible shield, human life would be all but impossible.
So Jon and company came up with a plan, and countries across the globe moved swiftly to reduce the use of the man-made chemicals that caused it in the first place.
The result? Our ozone layer is well on its way to being back to its old self by the year 2040. All because humanity rallied together and made it happen.

The story of our ozone layer is one that reminds us that we're capable of incredible things.

So enjoy it.'

The Ozone is “an understable, smile inducing fairway driver designed for effortless distance', and being made from 100% recycled plastic it's great for the planet ♻️

Learn more about the Ozone here

Weight: 170-176gm.

Pre-orders are due to be filled in early July. Colours can be specified but weights will be allocated at random. Leave a note or email us if you have a weight preference. We will do the best we can to fulfil requests.

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