Collection: Understable

An understable disc has a High Speed Turn number that is greater than its Fade number.  For example, a disc with flight numbers 13/5/-3/1 would be considered understable.  A quick method to determine whether a disc is over or under stable is to add the last two numbers in the flight numbers, in this case: -3+1=-2.  If the resulting number is positive the disc is said to be overstable, if it is negative it is understable, and those resulting in 0 would be considered stable or straight.

As a general suggestion, beginner's should throw lighter weights and understable to stable discs. Lighter weights are less than 170g. Understable discs will give the beginner the MOST distance early on. If you want to throw further sooner then you should consider a disc that is understable or stable at most.

In general, understable discs have a higher glide than overstable models. Glide currently ranges from around 3 to 7. The higher numbers tend to fly farther before the fade takes over turning the disc in the direction opposite to the rotation of the disc.